Enclosure air flow

I’m finally getting around to putting a cap on my XXL and was wondering how others have handled airflow within their enclosures.
Specifically, I’ve got a fan hooked up to exhaust the air from the chamber, but how should I provide holes to allow air in, without letting too much sound out? Just drill holes in the darn thing?

Ideas welcome…

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I went to the auto parts store and asked for the cheapest square (or rectangle) air filter. Got one for $4 (5"x 7"). I drilled a bunch a holes in a 4"x6" pattern and then glued the filter on. Lets air out, dust and noise say in.


Richard that is BRILLIANT!!
Out of curiosity, on your enclosure, what thickness of acrylic/polycarb did you use?

Lexan (polycarbonate)

Sides: 1/8"

Door: 1/4"

Note: The height is 24" I notice many (MANY) enclosures are too short, and for the life of me, I don’t understand their ergonomics plan. I need to get inside to setup/measure/replace parts etc., why struggle?


I have a separate 4x5x7 “room” (or freestanding box) in my garage shop in which all the high-dust sanding is done. I thought about building an enclosure for the S03, but I think I would want something I could just lift off so I would have complete unfettered access. I got some pink foam panels to build a very light hood but eventually decided that the sanding room was more versatile.


I went around 20" high I believe, but with a fold-open front/top section. I’ll get some pictures up hopefully this weekend… thanks again for the air filter idea! Just picked one up :slight_smile:

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