Enclosure Design for HDM

Is the OpenBuilds Modular 1010 enclosure sized appropriately for the HDM? The dimensions are:

Inside Dimensions: 46" W x 46" L x 29" H (1180mm W x 1180mm L x 740mm H)
Outside Dimensions: 48" W x 48" L x 30" H (1220mm W x 1220mm L x 761mm H)

From the collateral material I’ve seen published so far it would be wide enough and definitely tall and deep enough but I’d like confirmation from someone with a machine or a CAD model. @WillAdams @Julien @wmoy

Speaking of CAD models, can we expect something soon to begin our own development?

For a dimensionally accurate placeholder 3D model see: Introducing the Shapeoko HDM - #144 by Luke

The OpenBuilds enclosures will fit the HDM, but I wouldn’t say they’re sized appropriately. There will be a lot of wasted space, primarily in depth.


Have you seen that thread from @CNCInspiration ?

This is probably a great reference for HDM-optimized enclosure dimensions.


It has been a while since I modeled this, I should point out the machine is not even on both sides, and I designed my enclosure so the middle of the spoilboard is in the middle of the front of the enclosure, so the machine is positioned slightly to the right with a gap on the left side. One could potentially have a smaller inside dimension if they did not mind the machine bed not being centered in the enclosure.

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Thanks all. I’ll look into a custom enclosure.

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