Enclosure, finally

Finally got around to completing a cap for my XXL stand. LED lighting, 3/4" material and a foil-faced rigid foam on the interior. I used a double-layer of 1/8" plexi for the window with an airgap in the middle (not sure why).
There is a bathroom fan in the back to exhaust fine dust and a engine filter on the side for intake. All controls are on the side (where I usually am by the computer).
I did a two-hinge door and lid. The “top” lid second can fold completely back onto the back-top of the machine, and the “front door” is hinged in the inside (it lifts up and in, not out… if that makes sense). The result is the whole thing can fold completely back on the machine, or “stand” on the edge.
I’m working on a spiffy new dustboot concept as well, so hopefully the not-so-tall nature of this will not bite me :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody for their input and conversation!


great job!! I like the hinged lid idea