Enclosure - Floor Access for End Cutting Stock

Hello Everyone,
I am new to the site and I am designing my enclosure prior to purchasing an XXL. I have been a wood worker for years. I am planning on having two front swing open doors and a front tilting lid for more access and a removable panel for the back to insert long boards. I am wondering if anyone has ever cut an access hole through the waste board and floor of the machine to stick stock up vertically into the work area to machine the end of a long piece of stock. I plan on placing a removable panel and creating structure on the underside of the floor to reinforce the area along with providing clamp features below and above. Is this a bad idea? has anyone ever done this? Creates a dust and noise issue with the panel removed. Any input is greatly appreciated.

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Yes, folks have done this — there was one metal threaded baseboard design which had an integrated vise which I thought was just brilliant.

Thanks for the note. Glad others have done it. I will try to find the link but was planning on integrated clamping. Let me know if you find the link as well.

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I found this:

I know there was someone who mounted a vice underneath the shapeoko base area and had a slot through to put stock in, but can’t find that post.
There’s also this guy who made a hole in the baseboard for turning:


That first was the one I was thinking of.


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