Enclosure for the HDM

Hello :wave: I am with Navy Recruiting in Phoenix. We are interested in getting the HDM. However before we can do that we are trying to get a handle on a enclosure for the CNC. It seems that most make their own but we dont really have that availability without coming out of pocket. I dont really see any online being sold for it. Anyone have a link they know works or a company that would be able to build one? Also anyone know of a good vibration damping table that could be used? TYIA!

I like to put a sheet of foam underneath my machines — the anti-fatigue stuff from Harbor Freight works well.

Usually the pre-fabbed enclosure option is something made of aluminum extrusion and plexiglass — there was a link to a product which would fit (albeit w/ some wasted space) here:


a while back there was one discussion which had an Autodesk link:

Thank you. I’m assuming the HDM is still going to require some sort of Ventilation as well. Have you heard anything about that with this enclosure?

All I had was the bare link.

Our recommendation is to use a baffle to allow fresh air in.

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The HDM uses a water cooled spindle, so ventilation isn’t all that important though obviously you’ll want a little airflow so it doesn’t get stiflingly hot in the enclosure. However, the more important thing IMO is to use dust collection to limit airborne particulates.


If you plan on using alcohol as a mist lubricant I think an exhaust vent ducted outside is something to consider to avoid vapor buildup. I have some pc fans acting as an air intake and exhaust, but I find that you only need a powered exhaust and just a vent for air intake.

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Here is my enclosure. FYI, HDM and enclosure are currently for sale.

Thats what i was thinking but we dont physically have one yet so its hard to really determine without asking.

Unless your selling new from a company then i wont be able to purchase lol. Gov doesnt work that way lol

Another question kind of populated. How load does the HDM get? Can you equate it to something (i.e a car, a jet, a air compressor?)

I was getting about 85db machining aluminum with no enclosure. A cheap, pvc sides & acrylic top & doors, enclosure dropped it to 65db

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Try openbuilds.com. They sell enclosures and extrusions you can make your own in any size you want.

I measured 90-100 db with a phone app cutting mdf and around 75-80 db with metals with enclosure doors open 2 ft away from the machine. If you measure right at the source its going to be a lot louder, but practically, an average compressor or shop vac would overpower the actual cutting sounds.

It might be quieter cutting mdf if you go for a shallower cut/slower cut, mine makes a really loud high pitches sound when cutting MDF.

Cutting aluminum is around 65 db with enclosure doors closed.

I tried building a soundproof enclosure for my HDM using 3/4 MDF sheets but I found that you’re better off just going for a basic aluminum extrusion box with side panels because getting every single opening sealed is really impractical, especially with all the extra lines needed for airblast and coolant.