Enclosure on casters

I am considering making an enclosure for my 3xxl.
My plan was to make it the same height as my current workbenches, and give it solid enough of a top to use as a work surface when the shapeoko is not in use.

I was going to put that bench on casters, any concerns about putting the enclosure / bench on casters?

I don’t have an enclosure, but my XXL is on a table that is on casters and I haven’t had any issues with that. It doesn’t try to roll away or anything. If you ever want to get into tiling it almost certainly has to be on casters - unless you’re one of those fortunate enough that you can set it in the middle of the floor with nothing around it. I’m not one of them.

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I put these under my shapeoko table and they have been working great. I like them because they allow me to level my shapeoko on my uneven garage concrete.



Mine isn’t in an enclosure but is on casters and I have no problems at all.


I built an enclosure on top of a large module that is on 4in caster. It very solid and is not moving at all unless I release the brakes on the casters. In fact almost all my workshop is on casters.


Some folks have bought pairs of 4 (or more) drawer tool chests which when bolted together are a suitable size for the machine.


I built a pair of new workbenches for my CNC and drill press, and used these casters:

They’re quite heavy-duty, and the screw foot allows them to become stationary (and leveled).

The ones I got use M12 x 1.75 thread, which conveniently matched the pre-formed 10.5mm holes in the aluminum extrusion I used for my workbench - I just had to tap them for that thread.


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