Enclosure questions and problems

So I’m working on an enclosure and have some questions…

So my hope is getting the sound levels down quite a bit but it all seems a bit like a lost cause. A sealed enclosure is obviously the best but it makes me worry about temperatures, bushless and stepper engines don’t really like high temps.
Anyone have any data on the temperature ranges of the engines in the nomad pro? have anyone done any measurements (with and without enclosures)?

While I am going to ad a vacuum attachment that I guess, would ad a bit of airflow, it’s not like I have central vacuum so the noise is going to suffer quite a bit… (do shopvacs have better flow/noise ratios than “regular” ones?) My initial hope was to only use it when I mill dusty materials and ad a small quite air compressor for chip removal with other materials. What are you thoughts?

The sides? are they structural? since after adding my own enclosure I’m thinking they do more harm than good in the noise and temperature department.

Any fancy tips on vibration isolation for the enclosure floor-machine connection or will generous rubber pads be fine?

I’m going to use aluminium construction profiles, anti-vibration plates (that stuff for cars) and some foam. Any special ides for the walls? or should I just go with mdf or some fiberboard?

Shop vacs tend toward noisy — the Fein Turbo, and a couple of the nicer Ridgid vacs are supposed to be reasonably quiet — I gave up and Drank the green Koolaid

I don’t like the idea of using a compressor — it just blows dust around, moving the problem to somewhere else and potentially increasing what’s airborne and breathed in.

Side panels are decorative — the machine actually rests on the front/back edges — lots of photos of the machine running without them (don’t do that) but it’s okay to remove them and replace them in an enclosure (a number of folks have done that)

I put my machine on a Yoga mat, and the table on carpet with some extra carpet pads beneath the table legs — if there had been more of the appliance isolator bumpers in stock locally, I’d’ve bought them (got one for the new washer).

The community has tried to collect links at: https://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Soundproofing_Enclosures

and Nomad and SO3: Custom Enclosures (the enclosure zoo)

I was thinking compressor for hdpe/acetal since those don’t really dust just chip.

You don’t have to get very fancy to drop the noise by a lot. Here’s a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCN0UNZMwZk&feature=youtu.be I just made regarding my SO3 enclosure. About half way through you will hear how quite it is even with the router running. It drops the sound level by 15-20 dB if I remember correctly… that’s about 20% as loud as without the enclosure. Search my name on this site and you will find a video showing sound and dust particle measurement testing.

The Nomad spindle doesn’t use enough power to really cause heat issues (maybe 80 Watts peak if I remember correctly). You may be putting 120 watts peak or so into the enclosure so about like a bright light bulb. However, most of the time the spindle is drawing way less than peak power so its more like a very small light bulb. You should design your enclosure for the worst case though. Worst case, just a few CFM through a filter should be enough to keep the temperature rise near zero. I don’t think you will even need that though.

A 3/4" thick plywood enclosure with butt joints that have acoustical damping caulk between them will dramatically lower the sound level. Thick, soft rubber feet between the nomad housing and your enclosure will help a lot too.

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Keen to see what you come up with. I use an anti-static mat underneath mine for both static discharge and vibration deadening. My vacuum system is wildly louder than the Nomad so for me this is the one I need to address over the stock enclosure. Whatever you do, build in a removable chip tray at the bottom so you can easily extricate the chips that fall through the slots of the Nomad floor!

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Since added the suckit dust boot

QUIET! :point_up_2::+1:

My wife complained about the noise my 3D printer makes so I decided to build a box for it. I had some 1 inch thick Home Depot rigid foam insulation lying around, so I decided to use that. While researching noise suppression stuff, I came across this stuff http://www.greengluecompany.com/ . They told me it wouldn’t work with rigid foam insulation, but it seems to make some impressive claims. My XXL is in a room by itself and I don’t have another project on the horizon to try the stuff, but I thought it might be worth relaying if someone else wanted to give it a try.

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Most of the good points has been mentioned and I just want add two things:

  1. If you put your wacoomcleaner inside the enclosure plan for venting! That will produce significantly more heat than the machine.
  2. I have tested several different solution and material to reduce vibratoons due to the fact that my son’s room is right above my CNC and dryed silicone (from a caulkang gun) was performing exceptionally well.
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