End Grain Cutting Board with Meat Spikes

I had a friend find a cutting board similar to this in his grandparents house a few months ago and asked me if it was something I could design and make for a wedding gift to another friend.

After a bit of playing in Fusion 360 to make the design I had something I was happy with so I bought the raw materials- 8/4 Hickory and Black Walnut. After planing I was left with 1.825" thick stock and using the CBDJS tool from ericu (https://github.com/ericu/CBDJS/ designed a board.

After the glue-ups I faced the material using the XXL and this Spoilboard Bit at 10k RPM, with a .010" and 0.015" DOC at 75ipm feed.

Because of this being a fairly important project and my fear of messing up wood that’s not the easiest for me to get, I was incredible conservative with feeds and speeds for all the cuts.

V-Carve was done with this bit at 45ipm and a 0.05" maximum step down using an engrave Toolpath.

The juice moat was done with a no-name 3/8" cove box bit at 45ipm and 0.100"passes. It worked fine but the shaft had a fair bit of run out and I had a hard time getting it into and out of the collet.

Lastly, the last contour op was done with a SpeTool 1 1/4" Upcut Bit fast but shallow passes.


Beautiful work on this project!

That is super cool! Awesome design!

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I was going to make a joke about not enough things in life have “meat spikes”, then I noticed who just posted. Hey Matt - welcome! Love your videos.

lol. Thank you. I’ll agree. We need more meat spikes.

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