End Mill Measuring

Another new user question:

Is there a guide on how to properly measure an end mill to add it to Carbide Create?

As well as how to add a tapered bit.

I have been reviewing the web on how to measure end mill bits and understand some of the measurements requirements as shown by the image, what tool can I use? Digital Calipers?

Don’t use anything on the cutting edges.

To get effective cutting diameter, cut and measure a slot in a piece of scrap.


Why would you say that? Toolmakers in the shop I used to work in would use a micrometer to measure the tooling all the time. I’ve also done so many times.

It would be difficult to damage a cutting edge with a micrometer if you are gentle when measuring.

A dial caliper would be adequate if you don’t have a micrometer, and less likely to damage the cutter, since micrometers have carbide tips (usually) and calipers are just hardened steel.