Endmill-eating Jatoba wood 😱

So, this is how my (new) 6mm endmill looks like after spending about 2.5h in endmill-eating Jatoba hardwood :scream: (Nomad 3).

I think I will use aluminum for my next project.

The tropical hardwoods which have silica and so forth in them are really tough on tools.

I want to see a photo of the project though.

Still waiting for the finish to dry, but here is a photo taken before finishing:

(mistakes were made, lessons were learned, for example the cutouts in the front wall pretend to be there for easy access to post-its, but their real role is to hide the horrible crash that happened after the Nomad spindle stalled in one of the tougher spots, the Nomad skipped Y steps, and milled a part of the front wall)


Covering mistakes via “clever” fixes is the best! Way to recover. Interesting to have stumbled on this, as jatoba and cumaru are two of my favorites. I’ve only worked with them via “regular” woodworking, not CNC-ing yet. Good to know I might be up for new bits afterwards…

Here’s my mallet from jatoba for show and tell. Post that tray when the finish is done! I think the grain is unreal. Hard to capture the shimmer this stuff has via pictures. This was an overkill mallet for a Kubb set for my daughters to drive in the corner/mid-point stakes.