Endmill Length For Pocket

What overall length 1/4 inch endmill is required to pocket 1.7 inches into 2 inch thick wood. Would a regular 1/4 inch endmill work or do I need a longer bit

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It’s not the overall length that is important, it’s the length of the cutting edge. You should use a mill who’s cutting edge is at least as long as the depth you want to cut.

So in this case it will likely end up being a longer-than-usual bit, but not all long bits have long cutting edges.

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Would a 1/4 endmill 4 inch long with cutting edge of 1.25 inches and 4 flutes work better than 2.5 inch endmill with 1 inch cutting surface and 3 flutes with DOC 1.7 inches. I worry that if I use 2.5,standard 1/4 endmill that the length of shank left in the collett wouldnt be too stable

I bought a Melin Melin Tool Co. 1/4" 2 flute with 1.5" cutting length. This bit is great for deep pockets. The only issue I have ever had is the bit is 4.0" OAL and if you do not have it in the router straight it vibrates. So I always put it in and turn on the router to see if it is running straight. This bit has been used on treated pine and other thick material. I bought it from zoro.com Melin Tool Co End Mill, Carbide, GP, Square, 1/4" x 1-1/2 AMG-808-E | Zoro it was $26.89. Zoro.com is always sending me 20% discount codes.


Thanks for the heads up

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