Engrave Cast Iron

I’ve done my research, I’m pretty sure I know the answer, but its worth the question: Has anyone carved/engraved cast iron with your Shapeoko? If so, tips, bits?

How deeply do you need to engrave? How large an area? Would a diamond drag engraver be an option?

What do you mean by “carving”?

I wpuld like to make something like this picture. I’m willing to purchase the bits I need, I’m just looking for direction and experience. I have only cut (a lot) of wood and pvc with my Shapeoko (Dewalt router).


Not sure the shapeoko would be the best tool . Cast iron is very hard, brittle and requires thick shanked carbide tooling. You’ll need flood cooling and chip removal, but most of all, the need for absolute rigidity is a must. The speed of the router will also be an issue as likely may be too fast and the touque imposed could eat the cutters quickly, I’m thinking a cnc mill would be a better choice and running software instructions . Tom


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