Engrave university rings with Nomad


Do you think it is possible ?

That particular ring is cast, I think, rather than engraved.

You can certainly engrave signet rings on a Nomad, and probably on a Nomdad as well (sounds like a hungry father) :wink:

The effect might be closer to this sort of thing, however:



Thank you - nomdad is now made nomad :wink:

Any jeweler around to show me this kind of work ?

Those threads may be useful:

And this video is helpful to have a sense of scale of the tiniest details one can pull off with a Nomad:

I’m no jeweller and I don’t even own a Nomad, but it seems to me that such a ring would be doable in tems of level of detail. A specific jig would probably be required for workholding (such that the top ring surface is kept perfectly square to the spindle during machining).

What piece of stock would you start from ? Do they sell un-carved ring blanks ?


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