Engraved (Diamond Drag) Cigar Ashtray

Carved this cigar ashtray from Home Depot for a friend. Design is an inside joke about Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Used Quick Engrave with VCarve Desktop and a 90 degree diamond drag bit.

To be honest, this was a right pain. The glaze wasn’t the same thickness throughout, so I had to selectively re-carve different pieces of the design to break through the glaze[0].

Was a fun learning experience though. This was one of my first projects using VCarve desktop and my 2nd project using a drag bit.

Depth/Pressure: 2mm
Feed Rate: 35ipm - 100ipm (started with 100ipm and then tried to slow it down enough to hopefully “crack” the glaze)
Stepover: 0.1mm
Number of passes per run: 50

[0] - if I do this again, in between runs I’ll take a file and attempt to manually crack the glaze so that the next run can scrape more off, vs. relying on the diamond drag bit to actually scrape the glaze.