Engraving Bit Help

First off, I bought these bits a while back not realizing they were for engraving PCB. I can still probably use these for wood right?

Secondly, how would you create a toolpath for these? Would I enter it as a V Bit and use V carve?


I would say give them a try. The worst you can do is ruin a cheap bit or scrap of wood.

To create a toolpath for those bits you will need to create a new Vee-mill tool in Carbide Create by going to the tool library and clicking Add Tool. Select Vee Mill as the type and 0.125 in as the Diameter. Measure the Flute Length (the height of the Vee portion) and enter that. It’s a 60° bit so enter 30 for Angle (Per Side) and 1 for Number of Flutes. Click OK and close the tool library window.

Select the vector path you want to carve and select V Carve as the toolpath to create. Select the tool you just created and check the preview to see if it looks right.

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They work well for engraving metal, but they’re a little delicate. This type of single flute cutter doesn’t work all that well for vcarving wood (think drilling a hole with a screwdriver) at any kind of speed. Work? Sorta. There are much better ways to get the job done. All that said, you’ve already got them, so worth a try.

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Cleara things up. I will give it a try. I have added V bits into the library before, just wasnt sure if the engraving bits were entered the same way.

Yeah you are pribably right. But, like you said I have them, might as well try it out. I have plenty of project screw ups laying around

I got a load free with something I ordered ages ago and never used them. Tried one recently just set at a very shallow depth and did a no offset path and it was good for making a engraving, deeper and it just snapped the bit after tearing the crap outta the wood. Tried on metal at a depth of 0.2 mm and it again made a neat engraved line. So they have a use.


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