Engraving bit with complex geometry

I’ve got a really nice new engraving bit; a Whiteside SC55. It is primarily a 15 degree angle, but has a 45 degree tip to make it more robust.

I’ve defined it in my tool library as a 30 degree engraving bit, but - presumably - the math won’t quite work as it doesn’t know about the point? I’m hoping I won’t notice, but can I confirm my understanding.


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How deep do you plan to go with it?

If it’s not deeper than the 45 part… then use 45

if it’s much deeper than the tip… use 15

If it’s closeish to the edge… consider 2 toolpaths, one for 45 for the depth of the tip the one at 15 for the rest?


Thanks. One of the issues I face, when defining it as a 15, is trying to work out the Z-axis delta that I need to apply, as - of course - I can’t just touch the bit to the board to define zero. I guess I need to do a bit of math…