Engraving brass

Hey everyone, I need to engrave brass.
Text (single line), no fill but small size letter - height around 0.125in.
What will be the best tool for that?

Maybe a drag engraver?


Since the text is so small try a 20 degree vee bit.

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I used the MCetcher, 120 degree to do these names. While the pic is not great due to the lighting, they came out fine.
coin back -2

That coin is 1.125 dia. just for perspective.


Are these coins to commemorate a trip to Israel?

My grandson was in the USAF and got out about 3 years ago. The current military is big on giving and receiving coins. He has quite a few from his days of service at Minot AFB working on B52 aircraft. He kept them flying to do missions all over the globe. I live near Barksdale AFB where the worldwide bomber command is. Here is a picture painted on the side of a building in Mansfield LA.

I was in an F4 Fighter Squadron in Alaska. The F4 was proof that with enough power you can make a brick fly.

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