Engraving examples with the Nomad and Carbide Create

Got engraving down fairly well with the Nomad, having this that the only issue that I have had is the feed/speed calculations from GWizard for cutting metals using anything other than a V bit I.E. pocketing. The last one that I tried on a Carbide TiAN 1/64 bit snapped it like a twig. I’ll have to play with it some more, maybe I fat fingered a cut depth but I am generally very cautious about this type of thing for just this reason… I plan on contacting the GWizzard folks to ask WTF, Over… because this was a trial and if the feeds/speeds that it gives me for metals are going to destroy my tooling then I would rather not pay for it :slight_smile:

Anyway, without further adeu here are some pictures.

Cut with a 30 or 90 degree two flute V bit with a 0.1MM tip. Sizes from left to right are 1", 0.850" and .500 inches (tall), cut depth is .008, .008 and .010 respectively. You will notice some detail washout on the IDF emblem (the middle one) and this is not the fault of the CnC but rather myself getting a little heavy handed with the polishing wheel… material is aluminum…

Cutting into a Galil receiver to put the IDF emblem on it, size is .875 wide and cut depth of .010 (.005 per pass)

IDF emblem on the Galil

IDF emblem on the Galil

Practice USMC Anchor and Globe, sized just right for an AR Mag Well

Anyway… This is just some basic engraving that I have been playing with using Carbide Create and I am well pleased with the results for sure thus far. One thing that is interesting, you can’t find that many TiAN coated carbide V bits that are .125 shank sized, so if anyone has suggestions there, I would prefer to get some TiAN coated goodies so that they last longer, cutting the hardened metals on some of the receivers that I work on tends to be a little destructive on tooling.

I typed this up in haste, so hopefully there are not a considerable amount of typos or misspellings (CnC is about math, not grammar)… Good luck and happy machining all!



Awesome work, thanks for posting pics!

8 inches per minute is a safe feed for .005" depth with a 1/32"
1 inch plunge is also a safe number.

Small cutters will tend to clog and snap if your using a 4 flute, a good engraving bit will have a stubby profile and only 2 flutes.

We have some engraving cutters coming, and they will be coated, I dont have a date though.

I have used these engravers, not coated, but well tested:

A real deal Galil? One of my all-time favorite black rifles… I of course had to settle for a Golani…

Nice looking work, sir!