Engraving Metal Panels

Hi. I am trying to engrave (Electronic Equipment) Metal Panels… but am struggling.
I only need to engrave 10 to 20 thou (1/2 a mm) deep and unless I get the panel absolutely flat; and the panel itself if fully flat; and it doesn’t move the engraving is of dubious quality… primarily due to changes of its depth.
I have read of engraving bits which seem(?) to be somehow spring loaded to keep constant pressure and thus, hopefully, consistent depth.
Can someone please advise on this… or other options. As these panels are relatively small I am using bits with a 1/8" chuck.
Perth, Australia

This would be our M.C. Etcher series:

Hi. Thanks for that. As I am normally only working with relatively small panels my Router is a basic 3018 styled machine. Will it have sufficent power? Are there any (Youtube) videos of the device in operation?
Thanks again.


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