Engraving on a curved surface - barrel stave

Hello - just wondering if any starting points for how to engrave on a curved surface - looking specifically how to say engrave circle pockets in a barrel stave - to make a beer/whiskey flight.

Would I need CCPro for this?



If you don’t mind a bit of “air cutting” it should work to just define the pockets in terms of rectangular stock and cut them.

If you have Pro, then you could model the part in 3D and then define the pockets in the 3D model — you’d still get air cutting, but you could tweak the stock thickness to minimize that (which could also be done for a 2.5D project, just you’d have the 3D model to verify/guide in this).

If you’re talking about something like this…

Set up your stock & layout where you want the pockets. Measure in the green area and add a small amount to determine your Top of Stock, and in the red areas and subtract a bit to determine your max depths for each pocket. Then program each pocket to fit.


That’s exactly what I’m talking about - ok - thanks very much and I’ll give it a try


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I’m looking at that photo and wondering why the pockets don’t just go straight down to keep the glasses all vertical. Seems like a carry-and-keep-balanced problem, but I suppose you’d never experience a problem with a little snifter of brandy.


Probably because the holes were fabricated w/ a Forstner bit on a drill press.

Doing it on a CNC, it would be most expedient to have them all level/in-line w/ each other.

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