Engraving on Curved surfaces

I am a custom woodworker (by hobby) and have added a Shapeoko 4XXL CNC to my shop for about a year now and have absolutely loved it. Have been able to utilize it to offer customization to my current products as well as part creation for things that you can’t find otherwise. I have currently had a friend ask me to engrave a stock on one of his grandson’s rifles. Being a curved surface, I have come up with a blank at how to even begin. I have strictly used Carbide Create Pro V7 and can’t figure out if it is even possible. Any suggestions?

NOTE: This is not my full time business so I do not have the funds or desire to spend $1,000’s on software for the occasional project that Create won’t handle.

It’s possible with CC Pro. It may take some trial & error to get the shape close enough to carve a design on it. You could create something like this to control the width & height of the stock shape


Then model the outside using a rounded component. The tricky part will be adjusting the width to control the height & adjusting the starting angle to control the curvature of the stock.
Then it’s just a matter of subtracting your design from the stock shape.


If you know someone with a 3D scanner, they could give you an .stl model to import into CC.
Otherwise, you could have someone model it for you if you can’t get it close enough with CC modeling.
If you have an idea of the design, what size & how positioned on the stock, and some dimensions of the stock, I could model it up for you in NX. Or someone else here may be able to do it in one of the other software packages.


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