Engraving on jewelry

Can the Nomad engrave on small pieces of jewelry? I own a Shapeoko XXL, is there a way to set it up to engrave on small pieces of jewelry? If so what is needed such as “bits, Spindle, etc…” Any info helps. Thanks.


The best way to do this is to model the piece, cut a pocket in a fixture, secure there, then run a toolpath which is just the desired engraving (run a test first, in say a block of wax).

The Nomad has an integrated spindle, for endmills, carbide seems to work well — you could check in w/ Rio Grande (they’re one of our resellers and have a focus on jewelry) — unfortunately, most of the jewelers we have as customers have been quite close about techniques and so forth.

So the best machine to use is the Nomad and not configuring the Shapeoko XXL, correct?

Yes. The Nomad is more oriented towards small-scale metal projects (that said, don’t let anyone say a Shapeoko can’t do such: Making a Stainless Steel Watch Case and Back on the Shapeoko 3 (Start to Finish)).

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Thanks for the help Sir.

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