Engraving through Meshcam?

I design with a CAD program and output .stl files for the Toolpath. My original plan was to use Meshcam to process all the output from my CAD program. It turns out that Meshcam does not have tool listings for V-bits or similar for doing engraving and I have not found information about how to use Meshcam for this. I signed up for Carbide Create Pro to process, Slice, the CAD output with engraving capability, but perodically something goes wrong with irratic movements, hits z-axis stops or cuts above the work. I can’t trust it. The best would be to figure out how to use Meshcam for this, or find another solution. Anyone here solved this problem? Your input with will much appreciated. Thanks

What movements do you find erratic in Carbide Create? Post a sample file.

When a file from Carbide Create hits the Z-axis top of movement what do you have the Safety/Retract height set to? Post a sample file.

When Carbide Create cuts above the work, where do you have the origin set in your file? Where are you setting zero relative to your stock? Post a sample file and let us know step-by-step how you are securing your stock, setting zero relative to it, and managing all tool changes, and post a photo showing an attempt at cutting still in place on the machine.

Your suggestions are appreciated, but they are all within normal ranges. All of my cnc projects from CAD .stl export to Meshcam are reliable, beautiful. The problem I am having is related to exporting Sketches from CAD in .dxf or .svg to Carbide Create. If my Engraving/Text project is created in CC in simple shapes I am not seeing problems. If my shapes come from CAD (and not easily recreated in CC) for placing engraving or text in exact locations then I am encountering issues. The orientation of the original sketch in CAD must be exported in that same orientation, per the CAD tech support, or else it introduces misalignments. I am still experimenting with these configurations to identify where the problem is created.
In sum: I need to go from a CAD sketch export in .dxf or .svg to get the desired shape into CC to apply Engraving or Text in exact locations, and then make a toolpath for Carbide Motion.
If you have any other thoughts let me know, I am still working on it. Best Regards, Wayne

Please post an example set of files, and a description of the workflow you are attempting.

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