Engraving toolpath

From within the Carbide Create Pro Engrave toolpath, (a toolpath I find very handy) in the menu there is an option to Fill. In addition to this, would be possible to add an option to exclude the contour outline leaving just the fill?

I can edit the g-code file to remove the contour outline on simple shapes, but not text.

that would be nice to toggle off. I usually free hand pause and stop to skip that so just having the option to eliminate it would be cool

So, you’d like:

  • Fill + outline
  • Outline only
  • Fill only

Is that correct?


Is engrave outline only functionally equivalent to profile on the vector? Does engrave only work with closed vectors?

No, Engrave is a different toolpath from Contour.

It only works on a closed toolpath.

Yes please, if that’s possible that would be fantastic.

No. I’ve just run a test, just a simple zig zag line using the Engrave toolpath (no fill obviously) and it worked fine, no problem.

That’s interesting as to be honest I’ve never stood by my CNC whilst running an engraving toolpath, just set the job going and left it to it, so never really witnessed at what point it cuts the contour outline.

However, I’ve just run a test. Just the word “Text” and stood and watched it go through the motions.

I know the performance is going to be different for every job, but in this instance it started engraving the fill on the ‘x’ first, then part way through the fill of the ‘x’, cut the contour outline of the ‘x’, then moved over to the lower case ‘t’ to again part cut the fill, then cut the contour outline of the ‘t’ jumped back to complete the fill on the ‘x’, then back to complete the fill on the lower case ‘t’ before moving on to the ‘e’ and so on…

So as it would seem the contour outline is cut at random points throughout the process, I can’t in this instance stop and start the Engraving at the relavant points.

It’s different when engraving a simple filled square. When I look at the g-code file I can see the coordinates of the contour outline and just edit then out. But I fear it’s beyond my abilities to edit out the contour outline coordinates of text.

3D Finish is a lace/raster/zig-zag path with no profile. It does however, have stepovers at the ends of each pass.

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Thanks… I think I know what you mean, but I’m looking for just the fill and no connecting lines. Like a multiple hash symbol #

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