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So what I am trying to do, is I to engrave into multiple types of material. More or less like our Company name and clients names and such. What kind of bits would you recommend using. Going from 1"x1" to even 2.5"x2.5" in text and in logos.

I do most 1" letters with a 1/4" shank, 90 deg, but I’m using the SO3 XXL, and I’m no expert.
Just keep in mind a couple things like- some CAM software won’t allow you to use a bit thats not at least as wide as the vectors they are carving, and
The wider the angle the shallower the cut.

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The tradeoff is feature size vs. feature depth — an acute angle allows one to cut a smaller, finer feature w/ more depth, while a more obtuse angle allows one to cut a larger area w/ a single pass and while having a single bottom, as opposed to a ragged set of scallops.
Recommended bit angle for a given text size:
<1" 45–60°
1–2" 60°
2–4" 60–90°
4–6" 90°
6–10" 90 to 120°
greater than 10" 120° +


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