Epoxy River Table

When doing epoxy, how do you keep the epoxy from leaking out around the sides and under the board.

Lots of solutions to that one. It really depends on what you have available.

Are the ends flat? You could set your piece (or 2 pieces) on a piece of plywood with wax paper.
Screw through the plywood into the bottom of your wood to clamp it down, or long clamps and wood bridges.
If the ends are flat, just fold up the wax paper and support with a piece of wood.
You could also get creative with Bondo, caulk, or modeling clay. The epoxy is pretty thin & will find little cracks so you do need to make sure it’s watertight.

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Thanks, I think maybe silicone caulk around the edges to prevent leaks. This was a first try so i’m still learning the process

There’s a guy on YouTube that does a lot of Epoxy work, there’s a lot of good ideas there:

You can build a form with various materials that epoxy doesn’t stick well to, and also mold release agent is useful. To stop leaks, latex caulking seems to do a good job.

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