ER 20 Nuts sources

Where are all you spindle users buying collet nuts from?


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Not sure if it makes me a savage, but I bought my six ER11 collet nuts from Amazon.

Sounds good, I was just looking for some reassurance on quality, balance etc. I see a lot of Uxcell on Amazon, a company I’ve been under impressed with on other products.

At the risk of asking a dumb question (again), why do you need six collet nuts ? I get six collets, but six collet nuts ?

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Part laziness, and part… Uhhh… Laziness.

But really, I designed and printed these holders so I could just swap them out quickly.


For me, just the convenience of not having to remove and replace collets for tool changes. My work often requires different diameter end mills. For my needs 3 should be sufficient.


Mmmh ok. I feel like I just got contaminated with that kind of lazyness :slight_smile: (others would call it efficiency!)

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I mean, we did get CNC routers… gotta slowly automate ourselves out of the equation :wink: