ER11 Type collets

I’ve begun my shopping for a 0.8kW spindle and I’ve seen that they use ER11 Collets. Unfortunately they mostly come with metric size and I have mostly imperial size bits. I looked on Elaire and didn’t see anything for ER11 collets. Of course, I could be missing them - wouldn’t be the first time! Is there some other nomenclature for these or is there a reliable source for ER11 collets?


ER collets have a wider clamping range — usually the nearest metric size overlaps with a similar Imperial size:

I’ve seen .25" ER-11 through the Carbide3d store, as well as a number of SAE sizes through Maritool.

Hope that helps!

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(flames will follow, but)
ER collets have a range. Do not use LARGER than nominal, but, depending on the make and precision grade, generally have a range of 0.5mm under nominal.


Bought a set from Amazon.

High performance Techniks collets and nuts are available from Amazon.


Second Techniks, I also have Shars Tegara collets


Thanks for the Shars link - lots of cool stuff! The Tegara collets are quite reasonably priced, but their collet nuts may not be balanced for 24000 RPM. “Internal clamping ring’s shape is design to minimize out-of-balance compare to the standard off-center o-ring design from other standard ER collet nut, achieving 12,000 RPM without needed to drill holes on the collet nut body.” (Chinglish?)


I bought my Uxcell ER-11 collets and collet nuts from Amazon. I mainly use 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" collets for all my imperial bits, but I bought some PCD bits and some tapered ball nose bits and they are 4mm and 6mm. So, I bought 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm collets as well and have them in holders on my pegboard along with the wrenches. Yes, I could have done without the second set of wrenches, but then the holders would not have had the same look.

EDIT: I am told the Uxcell brand are not the best, and until I get a decent dial gauge, I won’t be able to measure the runout, but I am able to cut pretty fine lines with small bits (0.0090", 0.0100", 0.0150") with these collets without issue or an obviously wider line than the bit should be cutting.

Just a +1 to using imperial tooling in ER collets not being a problem. I happily use a mix of metric and imperial without problems.

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