ER20 spindle options

On the wiki ( there is a spindle option listed at the bottom that I’m interested in, the 800w 110v liquid cooled spindle with an ER20 collet. However the link doesn’t work. Is anybody using one of these, or know where to find one?

I’m mostly interested because of the larger collet that would allow 1/2" mills. I’m also concerned that the D611 running at lower speeds by using the SuperPID won’t have adequate cooling. I have a number of questions that I can’t find answers to: weight compared to the D611, does it have adequate power, will the suckit dust boot fit? Alternatively, does the D611/SuperPID get enough cooling at low rpms?

I believe it was the same sort of thing as here:

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Keep in mind that the reason the lower power spindles and routers don’t take a .5" shank is because on the whole they lack the power to turn that large a tool effectively. An ER11 collet will get you up to .25 and an ER16 up to .375.

If you want a .5" shank, you’ll want to go up to a higher-power spindle. 800W is roughly on par with a palm router. I believe the bigger 2.2kW spindles out there will take a .5" shank tool.

The bigger question is; What are you wanting to do/cut that can’t be cut with a .25" shank tool?


That spindle is er11… This one is Er20, 1.5kw, air cooled. Am I right to think that it has an independent fan to maintain cooling power?

I don’t know what I’ll want to cut that has a bigger shank than 1/4"… But I’ve always been a fan of planning for the future with a tool that’s most capable. A thicker collet shaft would be more rigid, capable of taking a wider range of shank sizes, and the spindle will be much quieter.

Note: I am not sure if the Delrin V-Wheels can handle the forces of dealing with a 1/2 cutter.


I have a 2.2KW spindle that holds an ER20 collet and it is HEAVY!
I’ve had it for 3 or 4 months now and have yet to even buy a 1/2" collet, I have however bought a 3/8 and use it often.
I will however, probably downgrade back to a lighter 1.5kw ER11 spindle.
I will be adding an upgraded z-axis which adds a lot of weight. G/L Ray


I too have a 2.2kw spindle, it is heavier and has allot of power and can take a 1/2 shank. Not sure I’d use such a large size bit, but you never know.

I can’t see myself down-grading ad the machine handles it well. I’m in the process of making my own Z axis that will weigh allot more, but I also have a compensation idea :smiley: