Error in the middle of a what?

Creating an Advanced V Carve sign that is a 3.5 hr job. About half way into it, I get the prompt to turn off the router for a tool change. Then I get some kind of port read error and Carbide Motion loses connection to the machine. I have to restart the machine to re-establish a connection.

Is there a way I can skip to the tool change in the GCode and continue, or do I have to start all over?

Could you delete the toolpaths that have already cut, and then start from there?

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Yeah, had to go through and delete about 45,000 lines of code and just start where the tool change left off. It was a pain, but got the project finished.


oh dang… I just meant through carbide create or vcarve. but that works too.

Check your motor/limit switch-connectors.

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