Error "Machine parameters are invalid"

I just got my machine, inserted a mill with less then 2inches sticking out, homing Went ok but after tool height calibration it came with this error?
Any ideas?

I used this code as stated in that post and the error is gone. Have no idea what it does but.

According to the EMC2 standard:

G10 L2 Set Coordinate System
syntax: G10 L2 P[coordinate system] R[rotation about Z] axes…

Thus, you are resetting the (X, Y, Z) origin of the 5th coordinate system (G58) to be at machine coordinates (553, 883, -106).

I don’t have a Nomad (I have a Shapeoko 3), but I think Carbide Motion used the G58 coordinate system in conjunction with the homing sequence on the Nomad. It appears as if your G58 values were incorrect, and the system couldn’t move because the homing sequence was asking it to move to a position outside what is capable of the Nomad travel (can’t say for sure since we didn’t see what your G58 value was before you ran the command). Now that you have reset G58, you are good to go.


I may be stupid but i have this other issue. Its prob me doing something wrong here.

I wanna basically tag the z axis to top of my metal to set the z axis offset.
So… I home the machine and the tool like the software wants me to, i then roughoy jog to the position over the metal i wanna tag the Z (2mill above to be sure) THEN i wanna open the cover to put a piece of paper under the mill and then lower it to get a nice touch. But when i Close the lid again, he wanna measure the tool again, so i cant jog and set the Z axis.

What am i doing wrong here?

How do u guys set the Z axis of the top of the metal of what ever u are milling?

FYI Carbide Motion uses G55

This command: (G10L2P5 = Change WCS to G59) has not been supported for a long time (It was removed about 6 months ago from Carbide Motion when an update added the Home to Present XY Position

The / (slash) bypasses Carbide Motion and talks directly to GRBL.

Lastly, 99.999999% of CNC operators (Machinist) use the TOP of the material as Z0.