Error Message: Cutter Stopped Responding

Good People of the Carbide 3D Community,

I have the Nomad 883 and have been running smoothly for a few months. Lately I have been getting this error mid job in CM and the Nomad just freezes in place. This is ruining some expensive pieces. I have gotten this a few times in the last few weeks and am getting concerned. Is anyone else out there experiencing this issue? Any idea what the cause and fix is?

Is there any way to tell the job to restart at the exact same X-Y-Z zero position?

Any help or advise will be greatly appreciated! I know there are bunches of you with bigger CNC brains than I have!!


I am also experiencing the same issue.

Carbide Motion would be running a job, when the stepper motors would abruptly stop moving while the spindle continues spinning, with the same “Cutter Stopped Responding” error message.

I read somewhere on the Shapeoko forums (since they also use Carbide Motion) that it may have something to do with static electricity near the control board, or interference in the power supply. I currently have both the Nomad 883 Pro and the HP 8510P laptop running Carbide Motion off the same power strip, without any other electrical loads, so I can at least narrow down the source of the interference to possibly the laptop or Nomad power supplies.

@ApolloCrowe, @robgrz - any ideas what else I could try?

@popscustomclips - I don’t think Carbide Motion has the ability to restart at an arbitrary line in the middle of the toolpath file. More experienced users sometimes edit their toolpaths and delete the instructions they’ve cut so far, but G-code editing isn’t for the faint of heart - I’ve ruined quite a few workpieces due to my ineptitude.

Robin C.
After I created this topic, I realized that I had both my computer and the Nomad connected to a very inexpensive wall surge protector. I purchased a 600VA USP with higher surge protection rating about 2 weeks ago and since I have only seen this issue appear once. Which is a dramatic reduction in that it was occurring several times a day.

The Carbide 3D team responded right away so I know they will contact you too. I supplied them some information from both CM and off the motherboard of the Nomad. They recently shipped out to me a new motherboard, but I haven’t yet installed it, so I cannot comment yet on it. Again, the problem cleared with cleaner, more conditioned power being supplied to the PC and the Nomad. I live in So Fla and every afternoon the summer thunderstorms affect the lights.

John C

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List of things to try here

If what you’re comfortable trying doesn’t help contact

I don’t have any ferrite beads or toroids lying around, nor am I able to order some in right now.

I did have a Schaffner FN 364 line filter lying around, so I fed my power cable through that into the Nomad power supply. No joy.

Running the laptop from another mains connection didn’t help, either.

In a pinch, I had my laptop just on battery power while running a job in Carbide Motion, and I saw far less interruptions. So it’s definitely something to do with my laptop power supply.

Incidentally, @WillAdams, did you yourself need to do any of the suggestions you made?

I just put the router through a control switch and run the machine and router and vacuum from different circuits.

Oh, yours is a Shapeoko with separate power sources for the router, motion stages and vacuum.

Mine’s a Nomad 883 Pro with the spindle motor and motion stages running off the same power supply.

I’ve emailed support describing my situation, but in the meantime, I swapped out the laptop power brick with a dedicated laptop dock. I haven’t had a disconnect so far, but that may be because it’s in the afternoon (in my case, the disconnects often happen in the morning).

Will keep everyone posted on my situation.

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Robin. I seem to be having a similar problem. my nomad just stops cutting through a job and now thism orning I am getting the message of 'cutter stopped responding… any tips for the unmechanically minded? I am running off my desktop mac… I should add that I am in th UK, not sure if that affects power issues,.,…?


For a test, try running the job above the material or without material. This will test the connection/cutter path. The new versions will throw an error message if CC senses a problem (too much toque on the feed or spindle motors (to protect the machine). You will also get an error for other reasons, but lets look at this first. If you run without a problem, next try running the job with (either) a new cutter, slower feed rate, or higher spindle speed (I’d pick lower feed rate, that works best for me) Let us know.

Sometimes I cant even get the job to start as now. It just stops moving, halfway through measuring tool or homing. I have to quit Carbide Motion and reopen

A quick update:

  • Just had another disconnect this morning while running the laptop off the docking station power brick, same “Cutter Stopped Responding” error message. I’m now looking at adding a line filter to the docking station power supply.

  • The folks at Carbide3D are sending out a replacement controller board, so perhaps that may help

I recently added a line filter to my laptop docking station power supply, but it seems that the actual solution to the “Cutter Stopped Responding” problem was updating Carbide Motion to version 366:

I’ve been running jobs all day last weekend, and have not experienced any more interruptions.

@popscustomclips @vauxleather - Try updating Carbide Motion and see if it fixes your issues.

Hello everyone,
I started this thread back in September. While I had generally less incidents of the “Cutter Stopped Responding” errors after installing a good UPS/surge protector and keeping up with the latest versions of Carbide Motion, the fix for me was to contact Technical Support and provide them with the serial number (version 2.3) on the Nomad controller board. You have to remove the back of the unit and look at the lower right corner of the board. They sent me a newer controller board (version 2.4d) a few weeks ago and I am happy to report that I have been running problem free since that time.

If you are continuing to experience the “Cutter Stopped Responding” error after trying these suggested solutions, you may want to contact the good folks at Carbide3D Tech Support to see if you are running on an older controller card like I was.