Error message on carbide motion v5

error message GRBL version prior to 1.1 not supported then GRBL not found on device… when I try again the message says port already opened ans let’s me load the nc file but that’s the end of it, no access to anything …all frozen???
Thanks for your help with that

Hi Jacques,

What machine model are you trying to drive using Carbide Motion and how old is it ?
If this is an old Shapeoko it may not have been upgraded to GRBL 1.1, which is now required.

(p.s. si jamais tu parles français et que c’est plus facile qu’en anglais, n’hésite pas à me faire un message privé)

shapeoko 3 xl +or- 2016
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Your machine has Grbl 0.9 installed, so you will need to update to Grbl 1.1 in order to use CM5.

Until then, CM368 is available at:

see also: Enable Homing in Carbide Motion - Carbide 3D if need be

Contact us at if you wish to update so as to use newer accessories (you’ll need a recent 64-bit Windows or Mac OS X OS)

OK thank you , I have a 64 bit windows so i’ll contact support see if I can handle an upgrade

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