Error when cutting

I am attempting to cut out a small hex shape to go with a board game and it is not cutting to design. Every time it goes down in z it moves over .05" on the x axis So instead of a strait cut, it is a star step down in the x axis. The design was created in V-carve Desktop 10.0 and the gcode simulates exactly like I expect it to be. (small file only 2000 lines). Any idea what might be going on? I am new to this forum, so not sure if I can attach files.

It’s probably backlash — check the machine mechanically, esp. the pulley set screws:

It may help to add geometry to cut as a pocket, not a slot, and to add a roughing clearance and make a finishing pass as well: Adding geometry to cut as a pocket with a finishing pass

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Thanks for the tips. Went to check eccentric nuts and realized with the .063 bit that I was falling off the z axis near the bottom. Need to add a spoil board I guess.


Maybe I have had one too many beers in the shop while trying to make a deadline this evening, but you need a Carbide3D superhero cape @WillAdams. You have saved a countless number of a#%es with your quick responses and spot on guesses at the root of problems with usually limited information! Thanks!

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My pleasure! Glad to be able to help out! It’s gratifying when I get things right (I’m afraid I don’t always, but no one of us is perfect).

We understand that the machines are usually used by hobbyists, or folks when they’re not working a 9–5, so we do our best to answer support e-mails after hours and on the weekends and holidays.

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