Error when homing. GRBL Error: Homing Failed, pull off didnt clear

This is when I try to initialize the machine.

If I hit OK I then get Homing Cycle Faled and then Limit Switch Error (X).

The head barely moves.

Tried turning everything off and back on.

XXL with Z plus.

All three limit switching light up

Did you tel CM what machine you have? Did you send the machine coordinate files over?

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This isnt a new set up. but yes its configured to Shapeoko Z Plus.

If I use Motion 513 then it will go home to Y & Z but not X.

If I use Motion 521 the gantry doesnt home z or y

Check your settings in 521, machine config needs to be set and config settings may need to be sent. Its a new version of CM.

Everything looks good. XXL with Z plus and Bitsetter.

Please see:

If you continue to have difficulties please write us at

Everything looks good there.

The X isnt lit up or touching metal. Is the GRBL Active Input Pins (X) an issue?

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Yes, if the X-axis homing switch is stuck on you won’t be able to initialize the machine until that is resolved.

Power down, swap X and Y, then power back up — is the Y input then lit? If so, bad switch, contact us at

The light on the X switch is not on unless I put a piece of metal to it. Not sure if that matters.

X Limit switch was bad. Carbide sent one overnight and I’m up and running again!

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