Essential series bits

Long story short, I have been a shapeoko 3xxl owner for a few years now and have done several cuts, a while back I bought the 102E end mill because they were on sale. Upon first cuts i was impressed and the quality seemd as good as the standard 102 end mill however after a second cut using the 102E the bit broke. I thought it might be me so i re evaluated my feeds and speeds but this is a project I have done multiple times with the standard 102 so I tried a second 102E and it broke as well. The 102E (essentials series bits) are imported is what support told me. Within the first 2 cuts on PINE these bits broke! Again I am sumply giving my opinion of the essential series bits, not my opinion of carbide or customer service as i am an advocate for both!

Also trying to put the information out because when the bit broke it also damaged my collet amd shut down my operation so trying to save someone else from going through this.

What material were you cutting?

W/ what feeds and speeds?

Hey Will I spoke with Brandon today and we went over feeds and speeds, feed 60ipm 18000 rpm and 20ipm plunge rate. I tried different settings as well and to no avail amd i am cutting pine!! I was honestly trying to cut .2in depth and doing so in 4 passes when the bits broke. They are just cheap in my opinion and now I am going to order the standard 102 as it has been very successful for me, along with trying to get a new collet!

Currently just waiting on response from support because before I realized how cheap the bits were I ordered more and I do not want them i want to exchange them for the original non imported 102s. If you really do the math it is only a little over $4 more per bit and that is worth it to m. Kind of like the collet website that @WillAdams mentioned in the other post i could order from there but that is $25 for 1 collet when I can get 2 from carbide for $25 just wish we could mix and match i.e. get 2 - 1/8" collets instead of 1- .25in and one .125in. I would like to give back and buy from carbide as the quality of original bits and machines have earned my wife and I a nice little side business, but i think the imported 102Essentials bits are by far the worst products and they are not carbides products.

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