Estlcam + Bitsetter: anybody using?

Not particularly experienced with Estlcam, or the bitsetter for that matter, but my yearning for more control over my toolpaths has led me to Estlcam.

As a test I had Estlcam output gcode (with the Carbide 3d postprocessor) with multiple tools to see if the height prob after bit changes happened. I was prompted to change the bit, but after doing the change and continuing the cut the tool length was not probed. My guess is I missed a setting somewhere.

Anyone have experience with this?

That’s with using Carbide Motion and BitSetter enabled, I assume ?

I’m not using Estlcam but my feeling would be that its Carbide 3D postprocessor may not generate quite the right G-code commands

Do you have an example G-code file from Estlcam with tool changes ? (16.6 KB)

Sure do. Looks like the software gives you full control to say what gcode is sent at various parts of the project lifecycle…tool change being one of them. So It is probably just a matter of advising it to send some additional commands at this time…

Here is what it says it does by default.

M00 (Change tool: <n>)
M03 S<s> (16.6 KB)

For a proper tool change CM expects an M6Txxx command.
For illustration here is the snippet from @neilferreri’s V-carve post processor with bitsetter support:

"M6 T[T]"

If you can just change that M00 line to (probably) :
It may be enough

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Looking at the generated g-code the <n> may not be the right keyword, but hopefully you’ll find whichever keyword Estlcam uses for the current tool index

I think I have it. Also added this sequence to the ‘program start’ settings as well.

Oh it should be M6T<t> then