Etch in a straight line with V-Carve / Fusion 360

I am wondering if anyone could suggest a way to just V-carve a very tiny straight line.

I found some references to how to make the V-carve bit itself in the tool library but I am not sure how to extrude a straight line in the way I want. Here is a picture where it shows the two straight lines I want etched.

You are going to want to use the 2D Trace toolpath. I haven’t done this live but have tried it in simulation and I think it is what you want.

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Would I have to extrude that line at all in the model design prior to this? My stock is .04" thick and I am looking to put like a pin scratch of a tiny etch on the line. Thanks for your help, I am going to look into this further as well.

When I simulated it, it was just a line in a sketch on the surface. I did not extrude it. I did use a v-bit in my toolpath and you do have to select the depth of cut.

I thought about doing this on a recent project, so I set up the toolpaths, but then decided it wasn’t necessary. That’s why I’m fairly certain (but not 100%) of this info.

Thank you so much for your help. The only thing I am not seeing is where I can specify the depth of cut. I started a 2D Trace toolpath and specified the right V-bit (one I made to match the specs in the tool library). I would assume I go to the Passes section but I don’t see anything there.

Again thank you so much for your time. I tried to google this prior to posting but most tutorials and instructions relate to actually v-carving something with actual depth :smiley:

Its in passes, in the chamfer subsection. You have to adjust chamfer width and tip offset. If you hover your mouse over those boxes, it will give the dialog that explains what they do. You may have to toy with these values to get a feel for what they do, or even do a few test lines to see in some scrap.

No need to thank me for the time. That’s what this community is for, and I’m here to learn as well. And post a picture back here if it works with your settings so we have them for reference.


Hi @Savant_PCs,
you probably have this sorted, but thought I’d put my 2c in…

I just knocked up a simple box with a line drawn on the top surface as below…

  • In the CAM workspace, select 2D > Trace

  • In the Tools tab select your V-cutter

  • In the Geometry tab, select your line

  • In the heights tab, set as you require for your machine

  • In the Passes tab, change Axial Offset to the depth you require for your etch/slot - Negative is below the level of the line, i.e -2mm will go deeper than -1mm

This will also work with any other cutter, useful for slots or tracing curves that are the same width as a cutter

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


In Fusion 360, just draw a line in the Model menu. Don’t extrude; the Trace in CAM will handle that. When you go to CAM, select the Trace tool.

Go to the Passes tab. Select the Stock to Leave option and under that, set Radial Stock to Leave to 0 and Axial Stock to Leave to be negative your depth of cut. So if you want your cut to be .025, you would enter -.025 for Axial Stock to Leave. You don’t have to make any changes to any of the other tabs. This is not something I discovered; it’s the standard answer on the F360 forum.

I’ve done a bunch of tracing so far. I just did this tracing for a customer .


Thank you so much! I’m definitely appreciating the pictures as that helps tremendously! :grin:

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That tracing is amazing! Thanks for that. Looks like I found several ways to do this now :grinning:

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