Eucalyptus Plywood Alternative to Baltic Birch Plywood

I was watching a youtube video about a maker that is running out of Baltic Birch. Most good grades of baltic plywood comes from an area that is either at war or has sanctions against it. So the supply of Baltic Plywood may not be good for sometime. The video mentioned a good alternative is Eucalyptus Plywood. I personally dont use a lot of plywood but if you use Baltic Birch plywood this may be an alternative for you.

Here is the youtube video

A funny joke about Eucalyptus

Husband calls 911 and states that his wife has fallen and broken her leg.

The 911 operator asks his address and he replies 123 Eucalyptus Street

The 911 operator asks the husband to spell the street and he replies


Then he replies send the ambulance to 123 Oak street I will drag her over to the next block.


Another (domestic) option is ApplePly:

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Like us Mac users needed another excuse to be smug :wink:

FWIW, I really wish that NeXT had bought Apple instead of the other way around — which reminds me, I really need to look into GNUstep again.


I guess we’ve come to the point where a sheet (if its available) of good plywood costs around $270 plus freight. — 3/4" - 48"x48": $133.39

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Check and see if you have a local supplier?

There’s a company named Industrial Plywood in central Pennsylvania which has reasonable prices.

Yeah, it’s shocking. I go through phases where I am productive on my SO3 and phases where I am not, since it is only for hobby, not for business. I bought two sheets of 4’ x 8’ x 1/2" Baltic Birch Plywood from my local wood shop, and I paid a princely sum of ~$89/sht in early summer 2021 when I was buying material to make. . .I don’t remember now, probably a couple of more freezer crates.

I went back a month ago, and the sheets were gone, but the price on the shelf read $135/sht. :astonished:

I am definitely going to have to find something else.

The price of fun just keeps going up. Even at Lowes a 4x8 piece of maple is around $100.00 if you can get it.

I have seen reports that hardwood lumber has gone up it has not gone up as much as plywood.

I listen to GunTalk radio show on Sunday afternoons. The host has advocated for years to buy ammo and store it. With availability of ammo stocks and prices it would se good advise to stock up on material for your cnc hobby or business.

Availability and price go hand in hand.

I keep my eye on craigslist for buying used lumber and recycle it.

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Funny, I watched this very video a few days ago. I’m outta birch as well. I use it for my ukulele molds and such. Super good stuff.

For reference I went on Rockler site for baltic birch. They had no 1/2" and only 12" x 24" 3/4". They had a note that thier baltic birch came from Russia and they are not importing from Russia.

I used to get the 5’x5’ baltic birch from Clarks Hardwood in Houston. It expensive but good quality. I may go by there next trip to Houston. I bought some 1/2" birch plywood at Home depot about a month ago to make some boxes for camping equipment. Did not like quality. Full of voids and not very flat. The fortunes of war.

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Friday, I received what I think was the last sheet of 1/2" baltic from Rockler. 24" X 30". I used it up yesterday. It was good stuff too!

you might try Hardwood Products also. they have a good selection of 1/2 BB

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Yet another alternative product:


Just paid $135 for 1/2" 5x5 baltic birch at MacBeath Lumber in Stockton CA. Checked out some of my job quotes going back two years and that same sheet was $40-$50…


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