ExcelDraw --- what more can be said

I try to search for various CNC related terms and phrases on a regular basis, trying to find interesting things to experiment w/ (or at least document on the Shapeoko wiki). For a while now, it’s been pretty rare to find something new, but every so often, there’s something which just leaves me speechless.


I can understand this as some kind of grad-school produced code tangent, but a product they expect people to pay real money for? So confusing!

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One more piece of evidence that for each [specific tool, specific task] pair, there exists someone somewhere on the internet who did it.

And it makes just as much sense as running Doom on a calculator powered by 770 potato slices


Well, it’s a little more useful than Doom, in that one could get some work done using it.

Unless of course that copy of Doom is used for Server Administration:


Does make me a bit more interested in the idea of using PySpread to make an SVG for CNC (but I really want to extend things into 3D — anyone know of documentation for the 3D DXF format and a CAM tool which will use it?)

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