Excellent addition to the cnc machine: Control Pendant for Carbide 3D CNC

found the item at Etsy.

helps me a lot jogging the router.


What is the motion like when rotating the knob? Is each detented “notch” like the single press of a key, or is the motion continuous?

Mike, Check out Bob’s video. Looks pretty smooth to me.


Each detend is a single press of a key. If you set it to the largest increment, .1, it will jog very smoothly when rotating the dial. It works great for finding your zero.


With (and only: means one cannot mess with the router position somwhere else) with the jog screen open the x, y and z position can be controlled with that item. The dented notch is very fine, yes, every detend is like a single press of the mouse on the position item on the screen. But when you do not move the jog too fast it moves the router position very smooth and precise. Too fast and the router will stop with “busy” mark on the screen, like overload. So needs a minimum adjustment. The absolute big plus is: if you move the router with the mouse you have always to focus on the router tip itself AND the mouse position. With that device here you have the router position in your hand, and can focus on the router tip position.

I’m convinced enough to try it out, you’ve got yourself a sale friend :slight_smile:

Thank you! I will ship first thing in the morning.

To be correct: I did not intend to convince anyone! I am not connected to the seller of that device in any way. I just purchased it some weeks ago, and found it interesting to show my experience.


No worries at all, I was saying jeeps3d convinced me :slightly_smiling_face:
Being on the forum is a pretty compelling, makes me think they actually use their own product which in turn gives me more confidence in its stable operation.

I’m excited to not bounce back and forth between the laptop and the nomad!

Pendant received!
Man that encoder has a nice feel. Super smooth with nice tactile detents. I kind of want to put them on everything now :slightly_smiling_face:

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How does it connect? Is that a USB cable (so it connects to computer) or does it connect to the Carbide 3D controller like the bit-zero?

From the product page.

“Just plug it into an available USB port on the computer that you are running Carbide Motion.”

it pretty much ends up pretending to be a USB keyboard basically

Update after a few hours of use:
I freakin love this thing :heart:

Awesome to jog with something that feels so natural when compared to a keyboard or joystick.
This will pay for itself in saved endmills from stupid jog moves :sweat_smile:

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