Excellent customer service

I ran in to a very strange issue last week after cutting the same file nearly 100 times or so.

My interior through and blind holes were coming in under size, while my final part dimensions were coming out oversize. Both by the same dimension. After talking with support, and @ApolloCrowe They QUICKLY overnighted me a new spindle along with new X, Y leadscrews, backlash nuts, and motors.

I have only done one test cut, but so far on that test my final part dimension with an interior hole came within .02mm. I have not done a part cutout yet, but I am feeling safe to say that everything is back to normal. Again, the customer service dept is solid. @ApolloCrowe and @Jorge really came through and were a huge help.

Oh, and did I mention, running the machine every day for just less than two months, the machine has already paid for itself. Almost three times!

Thanks Carbide team.