Executive Name Plate X3

A Thank You Shout Out to @CNCInspiration Max Berg

As I was browsing the Gallery a few months back searching for ideas for something I could make for my siblings, I saw this Executive Name Plate project by @CNCInspiration

Absolutely loved the design and finished product and sent a note out asking about licensing the files for personal use. Max was super responsive and provided countless hours of advice and assistance with the cut files. I’m not (or wasn’t) a Fusion user, but this project got me right into the thick of it, which I couldn’t have done in a timely manner without Max’s help.

All of the wood cuts were done using a #201 .25” end mill except the pin holes used for flipping which were done with a #102 .125“ end mill

The aluminum name plates were cut using a #278Z .25” single flute end mill. The feeds and speeds were set by Max, though I reviewed them carefully a simulation program before cutting, which is always a good idea.

Thanks to the toolpaths set by Max, there was very little sanding. Just a touch-up here and there with 220 and then a once-over on the complete piece with 320.

The gcode files for this project were very large and the version of Carbide Cut that I had installed at the time wouldn’t handle them. Got that fixed eventually but I split some of the files as described in these boards but on one set ran into an arc endpoint error. Thanks also to @neilferreri for his efforts helping to resolve this error so I could finish the project.


They turned out amazing Mike! Love the font you chose, it is perfect. Was great working with you and I learned a lot along the way. Amazing you did all this with a stock Z and no touch probe!
Very glad to see all 3 completed and congratulations on the superb finished product.


Very nicely done! Thanks for sharing.

These are really nice! Congratulations!

Thanks very much folks! It was really a fun project, but it couldn’t/wouldn’t have happened without Max.
I also wanted to mention that I filled the lettering with Pactra Hot Fuel Proof Dope that I inherited, a product that’s no longer available to hobbyists, but I did find it by the gallon for aircraft usage. Then polished the aluminum with wet/dry 300, 500, 600, 800, 1000, 1500 and finally 2000. Wanted to keep that beautiful shine so I sprayed with Dupli-Color Wheel Gloss Clear Coat. This dulled the aluminum just slightly, but I think it will keep that look for a long time to come.