Executive Name Plate

Hey guys,
I designed a modular executive name plate for my Father. Something that could list his current position but be changed in the future. I am getting ready to jump into metal and cut out and engrave the Aluminum asap. Made lots of mistakes with it but I think it is passable.
I am pretty much making design and procedural changes on everything I build after the fact. My motto: The next one will be better! lol!
Was hoping someone could give me tips on how to quickly finish this Black Walnut. Preferably something that will dry quickly and not smell bad.

Also made a plaque for my brother who has a Ford Pinto race car. I made a lot of mistakes with it, the next one will be way better when I am not rushed. I need to learn to use the epoxy filler and watch tutorials on how to use stains etc…

Happy Holidays!


Is great for walnut. Oil not plastic so leaves it feel like real wood.
They also sell this in rockier and other woodworking stores if you don’t want to wait for shipping

Good fallback is butcher block wax/oil


Thank you Fenrus! I can’t wait to see it finished. It looks pale after sanding…

rub it with anything- even mineral oil for butcher block… no need for a stain with such a good wood! (doh, just notiuced fenrus mentioned that, sorry, missed that last line first time!)

i just tried the walnut danish oil and it was … too slick, ended up sanding it off and just going with the butcher block oil


Thanks Rob, you do not have any pictures by chance?

Has a picture of the Walnut oil finish
(Walnut oil and Danish oil are different things)


Max, how will you be polishing aluminum to look like your chrome simulation?

PS. Hopefully, your father is changing titles/jobs rapidly in the upward direction! :smiley:

PPS. I once had a Pinto. It was a station wagon. It would not race anywhere! :smiley: That plaque will look great at the race winner’s podium, too!

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This is the walnut danish oil I was talking about:




Hah that is actually the Fusion 360 representation of Polished Aluminum. I am pretty good at it though I have polished a lot of material and have on hand everything I need to make a mirror finish. My only worry is carving into it and having it look good. If it does not work out I will make wood inserts.
Thank you very much, My Father is in his 90s and his latest promotion is on a interim basis so he will need a different name plate within 6 months or so. He is about to retire but will keep an office hence the modular design.
My brothers Pinto is pretty badass, the rolling chassis was handed down to him by a aging racer. The same car has been hitting the track for 40+ years.
Pic for effect haha


That looks very nice though, not too dark.

Hey - You get that nameplate finished and polished up and your Dad should give you a good New Year’s BONUS!

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Haha I wish! I have everything done except the aluminum. I am seeing him in 4 days so I need to finish it asap!

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Was searching for the right tool to engrave text into aluminum, I found this:

Amana Tool Aluminum Engraving Bit

Will show results asap.


Finished! Aluminum engraving is fun and pretty easy once you figure it out…
I had a 19 hour toolpath session freak out with 5 minutes left and almost catch the part on fire lol. Ended up cutting a half inch out of it to fix it and I swear I like it better now…