Experience with Laser Conversion

I started looking at converting a spare 3D printer to a laser cutter/engraver. At the low end the kits specific to the printer only do engraving which isn’t compelling to me. Then at the high end is a kit that claims it works easily with and CNC / Printer (i.e. anything with X-Y steppers):\

Laser Cutter Conversion Kit

Anybody tried this on a Shapeoko? Seems straightforward but it is very pricey.

I have no experience nor opinion about Endurance lasers, but you might want to inquire about this specification:
Power adjustment: Endurance Mo1 PCB (TTL).”

I’ve had a Laser Ink for the longest time, up until the diode burned out. That was $327 5 years ago. The one you posted seems pretty nice. The addition of the displays will allow you to monitor your diode too keep from burning it up early. J Tech offers a 7w one. I guess you can get a ORTUR Laser Master 2 machine with a chinesium rating of 20w for $290. There is also the ATOMSTACK New A5 for $270. Again these Chinese ones you need to ask the seller for the diode ratings themselves. They advertise 40w, but the diode might only be 5w and the whole system consumes 40w.


FWIW here’s a long thread about things laser:

I’m quite happy with my JTech add-on since I did not have room for a standalone laser engraver, other folks think it is way too expensive and source various chinese parts themselves, and @RichCournoyer seems to be very happy with the Ortur laser machine he bought (but that’s not a conversion, it’s “just” a cheaper way to get a lasering capability if you don’t need the integration with the Shapeoko). Whatever you choose, please be safe / add a variety of safety physical interlocks in your setup, I know it’s obvious but rather said too many times than not enough.


The fact that I have a powerful diode laser that is a stand-alone unit, means that I can be engraving something while the Shapeoko is cutting away at the next part. Clearly, I am not a production shop, but it’s nice to multitask AND save money (since the ORTUR was less than 1/2 the price of an Add-on0unit.

Yes, it an old used piece of wood…which explains the screw holes…Still works for me. (Holds my Brad Nails, various boxes for various sizes…)

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My Ortur Laser Master 2 is currently on the way here from China. I considered the Tech add on for a while, but it’s more than twice the cost of the Ortur. The engraving area of the Ortur is 400mm x 430mm. There’s a ton of YouTube vids out there from people who are pushing the envelope with what a diode laser can do.

I thought about getting a CO2 laser for a while but decided I did not want to get into the additional cost and complexity and the footprint such a tool would take up in my crowded garage in order to get the benefit easier laser cutting. The way I think about now I already HAVE a tool for cutting wood–a ShapeOko XXL. I’ll use the laser for finely-detailed engraving and enhancements in situations where v-carving just doesn’t have detail.

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