Experiment with making a plate

So, I had the odd idea to play around with making a round “dinner like” plate with a raised design on it. I think something like this is called a decorative plate. No, I don’t know why this seemed like a good idea. Mostly it just seemed like an interesting experiment that I might learn something from. It was. lol.
This was done with a scrap piece of poplar that I had in my shop, about 0.750" thick.
Final plate is about 3/32" thick.

Off the machine I had to sand the outside edge, but just did a quick brush on the design side. I did lightly sand the bottom of the plate.
My stock had a cup in it which I just used clamps to pull it flat. After flipping the stock for the other side, and using clamps to again pull it flat, I did not reset my X and Y zeros. I should have, as the bottom of the pate is off center.
I used a 1.0mm tapered ball for the top design side of the plate.
I used a 0.250" ball nose for the bottom, and a 0.250" down cut end mill to finish cutting it out.
I did this using Vetric Aspire.


I like it! the pattern on top is cool

It’s hard to tell from the photos- is it flat on top or a bowl/negative shape?

I’ve been getting into the 2 sided jobs in Aspire, it’s quite easy to use :slight_smile:

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@stutaylo Thanks. It has a slight negative, for the top, but with the design on the top its hard to tell in photos.

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That’s a cool idea. To get the alignment right, I would probably cut the bottom first, then cut a pocket in a piece of MDF and use tape/super glue to hold the bottom of the plate in the pocket. Then you know exactly where it is to cut the top. Might have to give it a try myself.

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