"Export to Carbide Motion" sends old project's gcode

Recently I’ve noticed an issue when exporting gcode from Carbide Create to Carbide Motion that occasionally the gcode won’t actually send the current CC toolpaths, but instead seems to send the toolpaths from the previously run project. (Or maybe CC just isn’t sending anything, so the previous project’s gcode remains in CM?) Weirdly, the active file name in CM keeps updating each time the Export button is clicked (from tmp_gcode_5.nc to tmp_gcode_6.nc, etc) as expected, so everything appears fine until the machine actually starts cutting - and then I see that it’s running the wrong project. I’ve gotten into a habit of clicking the Export button several times just to make sure the new gcode is sent, but even then it sometimes doesn’t work, and I’ve ruined several small projects this way.

No apparent problems if I click “Save GCode” instead and manually import into CM.

Any idea what might be going wrong? Thanks!

It’s my understanding that this is a lack of refresh of the screen.

If you switch away to a different pane and then back it usually properly updates the screen.

If you can come up with a specific set of steps which causes this, please send them in to us at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll see if we can have a developer look at it.

There are several of these “refresh of screen” issues (like loading a file and the wrong file is listed on the front page of CM) - and this has been getting reported forever, is there any plan to address this stuff?

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Thanks for your response Will, but could you clarify? Which screen doesn’t refresh, CC or CM? Where do I “switch away to a different pane”? What should I be looking for to know that it’s actually refreshed?

I ran another project just now with your response in mind, but I’m still not sure I understand. I set up a design in CC, exported it to CM, CM’s active file name changes accordingly, I click away from the CM window & back (nothing happens), I click Run, and it shows that the active gcode has the exact same number of lines as the previous project - meaning the new project wasn’t actually exported.

@mikep I’m seeing this non-refresh of filename too.

Carbide Motion won’t always refresh its screen (which seems to include some additional information/state) — use the contextual menu to force a refresh.