Exporting a carbide create file

Is there any way to export a carbide create file to be opened as an svg, or a way to convert to svg. My GF is wanting to do some stencil work on her cricut for some of the stuff we cut, and I forgot to make the svg file first.

Basically, no. The best you can do is a screen capture and retrace it.

If you upload a design to cutrocket.com it will generate an SVG to use as a preview.

There was an unofficial converter published to the Facebook group a while back, but it doesn’t handle curves (use a Boolean operation to convert).

Or you could use gcoderipper or pstoedit to convert a G-Code file to DXF or some other vector format.

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I just redrew it, i’ll make sure and save my stuff as an svg ahead of time next time. Thanks for the replies.

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