Exporting from Inventables/Easel?

Yes, I know this is the Carbide 3D forum…but the X-Carve community has a pretty cool library of stuff here:


Anyone know how to get the designs out of Easel and into a different sender?

Click the machine tab,then advance,then press genorate g-code :slight_smile:

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Ah. Missed that.

What about for editing in other software?

Good question im not sure,ive never had the need to make somthing in easel then turn around and make ajustments in somthing else,would be good to know im sure

You should be able to export G-code from Easel, then process the G-code to convert it to something more editable — list of apps for that on the wiki: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Software#Conversion_Programs

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Hey Chris. I was wondering the same thing. I am in fact still debating on which router to buy…the X Carve or the Shapeoko 3. I have played with both easel and carbide and I really am liking easel. Having said that, the Shapeoko 3 looks to be a better machine.

I’m posting this to you as i really like the work you have done, but i agree with you in that the community over at Inventables seems more robust. I know both companies have been pushing updates to their hardware as of late (October 2016) with Shapeoko making improvements to the z axis plate and the X Carve making updates to their controller box, making a more rigid gantry and various other things such as a Z-Probe, and better hardware. These were all considerations of mine in my purchase. At this point in the game I was wanting to get your opinion on the matter.

I am new to CNC’s and am torn as to which direction to proceed. both from the machines themselves as well as the software. If I go with a shapeoko can I still use Easel and export to Shapeoko. I have read that because the SO3 uses a direct belt drive for the Z-axis, while the X-carve uses a screw or Acme/trapezoidal rod exporting from Easel can mess up the SO3’s settings.

Thanks in advance

@csader Would you care to share how you made your CNC choice?
I am clearly biased.
Heres a thousand words in favor of the S3 over the S2/X-derivative


Rigidity is everything IMHO so if the RHS of your picture is the SO3 then it wins hands down.


It’s okay to participate in the lnventables Forums if one owns a Shapeoko, even a v3.

Occasionally one gets exchanges such as this though:

FWIW, the now broken image link was to one evocative of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Old_Man_and_his_Sons

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FWIW here’s a post from a guy who built up an entire business making baby blocks out of wood, using code from Easel that he would bring in to Carbide Motion and use to cut. He has several such posts on the forum:

Note that he had a Nomad, but the principle of going from Easel to a C3D machine remains the same.

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@MrHume This is perfect! Thanks!

I did a test with Easel last night on my Shapeoko 3 XXL, engraving simple text. One thing I notice is that Easel will not add few additional steps Carbide Create does.

With Carbide Create g-code you get an idle step asking to set your router bit. But the bit should be there already with all zeros set so in reality it should say Power up your router instead :slight_smile: With Easel that step is not included, so be aware that the job start right after you press the Run button.

@ApolloCrowe I know you asked Csader about how he made his CNC choice. Here is the reasons I picked the Shapeoko 3. Keep in mind that this is my first experience with such machine. I’m building a small woodworking shop and being a software programmer I wanted to extend my knowledge technology wise.

  1. The clear definition about what is included and what is not like software and hardware,
  2. The stiffness of the machine itself, I watched alot of Youtuber that gets a free Inventable CNC and most were complaining about the axis being to thin,
  3. The support I received prior of purchasing the CNC was simply awesome,
  4. The price was a huge factor since this is for me a feasibility test. At the end I saved several 100$ :stuck_out_tongue:

The machine was delivered 5 days after the checkout. This is simply awesome since it was shipped to Canada.

After watching multiple videos of woodworkers building the different branding machines, I was not really confident building one my own. But after watching Winston Moy videos, that question was out of the way :slight_smile:

I am very happy with the machine.

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