Extra drag chain - where to buy?

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Looking to add some additional drag chain to my XXL. I got plenty with my kit, no worries there, I’m working on a special project for routing my router cable as well as a cable for some LED lighting and the feedback cable for my SuperPID off the right hand side of my XXL. I’d like to use the same drag chain style that came with my kit, but I’ve been unable to locate the exact same stuff for purchase and I don’t see it in the C3D store. Anyone know of a source?

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To try to crowdsource this, I have:

  • Lal Xin Chain
  • LX1015S-2B
  • External dimensions: 20mm x 30mm
  • Internal: 10mm x 15mm

Not sure what the bend radius is (mental note, need to add protractor to my layout tools) — each length adds ~18mm

Found it one place(by part number(Generic image?) :

This one looks right when you examine the picture, embossing around the pivot, but no way of knowing if it is just a generic picture…

Found hand grenade and horseshoe Close here:

and Here:

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Thanks for the info Will and William. I saw a bunch on Amazon but was unsure if any of it opens to place my cables inside or if it would need me to feed my cables through it. Feeding through is not an option in this case as my ends are already in place and I don’t want to cut and solder new ends on. Is there some specific spec that says it will open to load cables?


the last link for the uxcell should open fine,its has the links to pop out on the one side,not to sure about the others

Thanks Mark,

Will has made me an offer for some he has extra that I can’t refuse, but I’ve saved the one you mention in my Amazon account if for some reason I need more. Great forum!!



Got the extra drag chain pieces yesterday (Thanks again Will!!). Went to work today on my little project. I’ve been trying to come up with some sort of cable management ever since I installed my SuperPID a couple months ago. Problem I’ve had is that I have the Dewalt power cable, SuperPID speed sensor and some LED power cable that all needed to route through the right hand side of my XXL and it gets kinda “tangly”. To run straight drag chain like on the left hand side I worry about getting it bound up in my limit switches. Solution, widen the right hand Y rail and add a fence. Use 1 1/2" angle extrusion and fabbed up a slightly wider drag chain plate for the right hand Y carriage:

Just ran it through it’s paces and everything clears with no binding and even better no tangling!!!

Next up is to build a mount to hold my SuperPID enclosure off the side of my bench. Thanks to everyone who helped me source those extra links of drag chain!!!



Just an FYI - the clamped on looks-like-a-ferrite-but-isn’t thing on the dewalt power cable can be removed. It’s just an antitheft tag. There is no ferrite on the dewalt power cable.

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Good to know, I’ll remove it and that will further improve wire mess. Thanks!



Kinda difficult to remove, but once off I can confirm, nothing inside but an RFID anti theft tag. Gives me another 2" or so of usable cord! Thanks again!